22 Dec 2011

Handmade Soirees

It's gift-giving time and I'd like to share with you a beautiful book that I gave to a friend; 'French General: Handmade Soirees: Simple Projects for Special Occasions' by Kaari Meng. It's filled with elegant entertaining and decorating ideas. Not only is the styling beautiful, but the book itself is printed on lovely, heavy matte stock giving it a charming vintage feel.

I put together this collage of some of my favourite pages. (How good are hot chips wrapped in paper)? Find more details at the French General website. While you're there take a look at their French antique-style graphic design.

19 Dec 2011

Glen Proebstel's Christmas tabletops

The Christmas 2011 issue of Inside Out is packed with inspiring decorating ideas for the festive season. I keep turning back to Glen Proebstel's jaw-dropping dressings for a Christmas tabletop. 

These images are from his website. I've spent literally hours analysing how he can have so many products in his shots and not fall into the trap of 'over-styling'. Genius.

The title is 'One Table, Three Ways'. Anyone else imagining how they can turn their dining table into a feast for the eyes like this? Photography is by Sharyn Cairns.

15 Dec 2011

Something Splendid

While looking for fluro interiors and party decorations I stumbled across an absolutely stunning dessert table designed by Susana of Simplesmente Branco and Ana of Pinga Amor for Somewhere Splendid.
This would be great for a non-kitschy Christmas party (note the cute deer), or a 21st birthday party. The decorations are hand made; very inspring!

For more photos see the Somewhere Splendid blog post.

11 Dec 2011

Have yourself a merry neon Christmas

Inspired by my last post about neon in interiors, I decided to make some fluro Christmas cards and gift tags. I've posted some awesome photos showing how you can use fluro colours for your non-kitschy Christmas.

1) Martha Stewart spruces up some brown wrapping paper with touches of fluro.
2) Gorgeous ceramic, almost-knee-high deer from Venucci.
3) Birch timber blocks with geometric patterns hand made by Sketch.Inc at Etsy.
4) Ridiculously amazing gift cards hand painted by Sania Pell.
5) I made these gift tags by printing messages onto brown paper and cutting out gift tag shapes. I used a hole punch for both the tags and fluro paper, which I cut circles out of. These created reinforcements and added a bit of a change from the regular Christmasy red and green.

6) I Need Nice Things offer a change from the standard pine Christmas tree.
7) A fun DIY Christmas wreath from Real Living using pom poms.
8) A clever way to recycle scraps of paper by Mini-eco.
9) To make these Christmas cards I simply cut out silhouettes from fluro paper and stuck them onto black cardboard. The snowflake was particularly intricate!

7 Dec 2011

Neon is making a comeback

I recently had the pleasure of assisting Awesome Stylist Vanessa Colyer Tay on a shoot for the November issue of Inside Out. The story was about the new trend of neon in interiors.

Take a look at how you can use touches of neon to create a point of interest in a room. Be sure to balance the bright with neutral.

1) Vanessa Colyer Tay's styling in the November issue of Inside Out.
2) Brightly coloured homewares from Maison Sauvage.
3) 'Fluo' vases from La TĂȘte au Cube.

4) A twist on a classic. Found at Shelterness.
5) 'Coussin Seat' cushion from La Cerise sur le Gateau.
6) 'Offcut' stools from Tom Dixon for De De Ce.

4 Dec 2011

Countdown to Christmas with advent calendars

I know it's getting late to start a new advent calendar leading up to Christmas, but who says you need to start on the first of December? Why not use the ideas I've compiled to countdown to your birthday or another special occasion?

1) Chacha Papiers: Paper bags with numbered stickers. I can see lollies in number 10...
2) The Red Thread: Handmade paper cones hung from a cute bare tree.
3) Brigitte.de: Pick whichever colour takes your fancy and paint an eclectic collection of jars.

4) Brigitte.de: A beautifully styled display with animals diligently clutching little pouches.
5) Atypical Type A: Upcycle an old cabinet and use numbered cards to conceal gifts.
6) Marie Claire Idees: A simple calendar that can be easily adapted to your personal style.
7) A Simple Nest: Use your favourite coloured paint chips and write secret messages on the back.

8) Just Something I Made by Cathe Holden: A spool reveals directions to a hidden gift.
9) Kjerstis Lykke: The simplicity of white paper, some pegs and a ball of twine; gorgeous. 
10) Country Living: Each day a Christmas tree decoration comes off the calendar and onto the tree. Photography by Susan Gentry McWhinney.

1 Dec 2011

The advent of more than just Christmas

The first day of summer.
The lead up to Christmas.
The start of my blog.
Today is as good a day as any! I’ll be filling this blog with wonderful, beautiful, quirky and inspiring things. 

To start off I thought I’d celebrate the advent of the new season; summer and, of course, the silly season. Here is an advent calendar I created after checking out some DIY projects online, which I’ll also post.
I’m looking forward to sharing more with you soon.